You Don’t Need Hormones to Have a Successful Intimate Relationship – You Need Self-Awareness |

Scientists have found that the hormone oxytocine, which causes the production of nursing mothers’ milk, makes men more sensitive and responsive and improves their sexual performance in bed. They claim that this new discovery might change the relationship between women and men.Oxytocine is a hormone which is produced naturally in men and women. It is involved in sexual attraction, and affects trust and mutual confidence. In pregnant women it stimulates the production of milk, and helps communicate with the child.It has been discovered that the hormone causes men to be more sensitive and connected to their feelings. This for sure can help improve relationships between men and their women partners.But you don’t need to buy this hormone in spray-form in order to become able to develop better intimate relationships.Sexual drive and performance in bed are only one side of successful and pleasurable intimacy. It is not the most important ingredient of intimacy; nor is it necessarily what makes intimacy work. It often happens that even when the sex is satisfying and pleasurable the partners often find themselves in endless arguments, conflicts and struggles. And more than that: research shows that many partners are not happy with their sex life. That sex and love don’t necessarily go hand in hand.Why do relationships fail? Relationships often failnot because of different sexual desires and/or performance. These are usually symptoms for other problems within the relationship, as well as justifications the partners use to explain their failure.Relationships often fail because the partners do not know how to compromise; how to accept each other as they are. Relationships fail because the partners do not realize how they sabotage their relationship: how they harm the intimacy with their attitudes, reactions and behaviors. Unable to acknowledge and accept their own responsibility for the failure of the relationship, they tend to blame each other.How can you become able to develop a satisfying relationship? You will be able to develop and maintain a satisfying relationship when you will get a grip on the specific ways in which you might be harming your relationships:* Are these fears and needs you are unaware of which drive you to react and behave with your partners in unhealthy and harmful ways?* Are these your attitudes and belief system which make you approach your partners and relationships awkwardly?* Are these false expectations and unrealistic fantasies you might have about partners and relationships which cause you to demand too much of your partners and the relationships and consequently become frustrated and disillusioned?All of these factors – and others – probably cause repeated arguments and conflicts between you and your partners (or drive you to stay single without becoming able to extend a date into a meaningful relationship).You don’t need to take hormones to have a successful relationship. You need Self-Awareness Your ability to develop a successful intimacy depends primarily on developing your Self-Awareness. When you develop Self-Awareness:* You become aware of the ways in which you shoot yourself in the foot in relationships;
* You then understand what changes you need to make in order to develop a successful intimacy.As you become Self-Aware, know and understand yourself better, you become able to develop and maintain a successful intimate relationship.The essence of a great intimacy is an open communication between the partners; coming towards each other; having mutual respect and understanding and “being there” for one another. Becoming Self-Aware of “who you are” and what drives your interactions with your partner will enable you to develop great intimacy.