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Long distance relationship advice is easy to give, but tough to implement as it takes a lot of effort and discipline. Those who are in this kind of relationships will know this better. In this article, I will give you some tips and pointers on what you should do and not do in this type of relationship. If you have the will and desire, you can conquer the distance by heart and make the relationship filled with fun.List of Do’s 1. Effective CommunicationIn any relationship communication plays a vital role, more so in Long distance relationships. If communication channels break down, it does not take long for the relationship to break down. Use every possible medium available for communication such as telephone calls, instant messaging, communicator, skype etc. Modern technology has so many options, that it cuts down the virtual distance. Use the channels effectively to keep your relationship on track.2. Meet each otherMost long distance relationships breakdown due to lack of meeting each other. Distance sure makes the heart grow fonder, but at the same time remember, out of sight makes one go out of mind too. Meet each other at regular intervals of time. This will help you both catch up on happenings in each other lives, plus the anticipation of meeting will not only generate excitement, but will give the hope and motivation to keep the relationship going.3. Sprinkle surprisesSpringing a surprise on your partner, will add the zing and pizzaz to your relationships. The surprise could be sending flowers or gifts without any occasion, or just turning up without prior intimation.4. TrustTrust plays an important role in all relationships. Do not abuse the trust placed in you by your partner. Just because you are in a long distance relationship does not mean you can play around. Keep the normalcy in the relationship as much as possible. Exchange pictures, videos, anecdotes etc. This may not reduce the physical distance, but will sure reduce the distance between hearts.List of Don’ts1. Two timingBeing in a long distance relationship does not give you the license to cheat. By doing so, you will not only put your relationship at risk, but will break the trust of your partner and can cost you your relationship.2. Do not take your relationship casuallyDo not treat your relationship casually. Just because your partner is not around, does not mean you can manipulate and take arbitrary decisions without discussing with your partner. Treat your partner fairly.3. SuspicionThere should be no scope of suspicion in a long distance relationship. To have a successful relationship, trust each other whole heartedly. If suspicion gains entry, then it will be beginning to an end of what could have been a beautiful relationship.